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Silver Haired Girl -version 4- by NaomiHansen Silver Haired Girl -version 4- by NaomiHansen
Blah, blah, I didn't draw this, only colored. More blah blah's, I'm still fairly certain *ramy is the original artist for the line art. Got it?

...Well, at least I wasn't as bad as last year about getting this done. I'm only late by, what, less than one day than last year's? ^^;

Anyway, for anyone that doesn't know, I have this series called Silver Haired Girl, where every March (preferably around the date of the first piece in the collection), I take this wonderful line art and go on to color it to see how far I've gone with my digital art skills. Simple enough.

What I (think) I improved on: Like last year (2011), the first thing I'm so happy about is not exactly about the techniques I used, but instead simply the new tool(s) I obtained in the past year. Usually, I used Photoshop for everything, from the coloring to placing in textures. However, this time, I used PaintTool Sai for all of the painting. Let me tell you - it's amazing! I have such better control of my pens and brushes with that program that I was in cheerful hysterics when I first tried them out. Couple that with the fact that I actually forced myself to get more daring with the shading, it helped to make the coloring generally better this time around.

Speaking of my coloring, like I said, I got a little braver about having more obvious shading compared to last year. I believe that it's most evident with the hair, where more of it looks more three-dimensional thanks to the fact that there's now more shadows towards the scalp. It's also fairly noticeable with the clothes, although that could probably be attributed to me not using base colors that weren't as dark as with the 2011 version. (Kind of helps that I feel that I did a little better with shading the boobs here.) I had to use conservative amounts of the dodge and burn tools when I was doing finishing touches on Photoshop, though, but otherwise, it turned out fairly well.

The last real (new) positive I can recall is with the additions I did for the paper texture. The black smudges aren't brushes, but actually a couple of my own pieces of smudged paper that I scanned onto the computer and put through the Remove White that I acquired a year ago.

(As a side note, though, I downloaded a Bank Gothic font. I'm loving it to death!)

What (I know) I need to improve on: The shading on the skin isn't as noticeable this time around, unfortunately. I was experimenting with different skin tones this time around that I'm not used to, so I might have gotten a little uncertain about what I was doing. Same with the eyes, although there, I just think that I didn't apply enough brightness in the blue.

Then there's the hair. I said that Sai helped me much more with controlling my brushes for this, but looking closely at it will most likely reveal where the shading got a bit shaky and uneven. Plus, I might want to get even more daring with the shading, and also try to make sure that the highlights actually get noticed.

Also, I think I could have used the burn tool on the paper texture a little more. It seems a bit less extreme than 2011's.

Lastly, I might want to erase a little more of those black smudges. It's possibly nit-picking at this point, but I'm a bit unsure about it.


And that's it for 2012! Until next year, everybody. :meow:


2012: [here]
2011: [link]
2010: [link]
2009: [link]

PROGRAMS USED: PaintTool Sai, Photoshop CS3

TIMESPAN: Appx. 2 hours

LINEART: [link]

LISTENED TO: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]

...No rush. ;P
NayruElric Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012
It's so awesome! I wish I could draw like that! XD
Fyreman666 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
nice drawing, i 1st saw the 2010 one and figured i should look at the others, very well done
Yagamiseven Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012
looks good
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